Joker, King, Queen, Jack, Ace (spoil alert - manga readers only)

Προβλέψεις και θεωρίες για το μέλλον του One Piece.
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Joker, King, Queen, Jack, Ace (spoil alert - manga readers only)

Postby KGeorgeGreece » 14/02/13, 04:13

Βρηκα μια πολυ ενδιαφερουσα θεωρια. Μερικα φαινονται απιθανα, αλλα κατα γενικη ομολογια ειναι μια αρκετα ενδιαφερουσα θεωρια.

WB was the King Big Mom is
Queen Doflamingo is Joker
and Dragon is Jack . Dragon
and Doflamingo s philosophy
are opposite, DD wants to
rule the world, Dragon wants to
free it. Ace once allied with DD.
Doflamingo sent the Spade
Pirates to kill WB. The
previous ace was supposed to
infiltrate and kill the
King (White Beard) but Ace ended
up joining WB for good.
This is the mystery behind
Ace s goggles/jollyroger; the 2
smileys. The Donquixote family is a
family of assassins. Kaido has
become the new Ace for
Doflamingo, he was sent to kill
WB during MF war but Shanks
foiled it. Kaido s jollyroger is a
smiley, you can see if on his
hat. BM is the last remaining
from Roger s generation, She s
even stronger than WB. Oda
tricked fans by always
referring Pirate King in
Garp s speech when actually there
s a pirate Queen now. Black Beard
is not the final
boss of One Piece, Buggy kills
him for Shanks whilst Luffy,
Law and the other supernovas
are going after Kaido, allied by
Gekko Moriah. The reason why
Whole Cake
Island is the final arc, is
because Big Mom is the true
final pirate Boss of One Piece,
the pirate Queen. When the 3
Yonko fall the
WG makes its move to
destroy the supernovas, the
last remaining threats with the
ancient weapon Uranus. That s
what Dragon and Doflamingo were
waiting for. Doflamingo reserved
for powerful pirates in his
ideal world and needs Caesar s
weapons to counter the
ancient weapons. Both he and
Kaido s crews are carnivorous
Zoans only. The last major boss
fights of
OP are as follows: Shanks/Buggy
vs. Blackbeard
Monkey D. Dragon vs.
Revolutionary Elites vs.
Donquixote Family
Crocodile vs. Enel (Enel has Pluton)
Black Leg Sanji vs. Admiral
Trafalgar Law vs. Aokiji
Eustagus Kid vs. Admiral
Akainu Cutty Flam vs.
Boa Hancock vs. Shichibukai 5
Escaped Level 6 prisoner
Basil Hawkins vs. Shichibukai 6
Cut Admiral Z s arm. Cobby and
Helmoppo vs. Fleet
Admiral Kong
Silvers Rayleigh, Scopper
Grobang, Tsuru, Garp and
Sengoku vs. The Gorosei
Roronoa Zoro vs. Dracule Mihawk
Monkey D. Luffy vs. Charlotte
LinLin The marines will split and
amongst each other after
realizing what the WG planned
to do. Some supernova are
killed by Kaido. Buggy became
after hearing Shanks went to
fight BB he followed him. BB
had 3 lives, he ate the
Cerberus fruit, 2 more lives
meant he could eat 2 more fruits.
Shanks kills him twice
but is defeated before killing
him a 3rd. Buggy and his followers
off BB. Buggy retorts it was
for Shanks and stealing WBs
head from him and that Karma
is a bitch (BB and his followers
finished off an already dying wb)

Αν μπορει καποιος να το μεταφρασει, θα ηταν καλο.

Τι λετε?

Spoiler: Show

Aokiji for next nakama
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Re: Joker, King, Queen, Jack, Ace (spoil alert - manga readers only)

Postby chapapa » 14/02/13, 04:39

Δόξα τον Θεό δεν είναι αυτός στην θέση του Oda!! :phew:
Μόνο ο Superman και ο Popeye (the Sailorman) λείπουν από την θεωρία του! LOL!!! :what to do:
Ξεκίνησαν οι εγγραφές!!!
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Re: Joker, King, Queen, Jack, Ace (spoil alert - manga readers only)

Postby Epsilon » 14/02/13, 05:45

Πάλι καλά chapapa, όντως. Φαντάζεσαι τι τρολάρισμα θα είχαμε φάει; :cry:

Στην αρχή είχε ενδιαφέρον έτσι όπως άρχισε, αλλά μετά προς τη μέση-τέλος το έχασε εντελώς :what to do:
Μια φορά κι έναν καιρό, το Κορίτσι από την Κίνα...
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Re: Joker, King, Queen, Jack, Ace (spoil alert - manga readers only)

Postby DkAdam » 14/02/13, 12:31

Buggy and his followers finish off BB. :when: :when: :axaxaxa: :axaxaxa: :axaxaxa:

Μαλλον κατι δεν καταλαβα καλα :nose pick:

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